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Snoware in last nights kiln opening

Snoware in last nights kiln opening

6 photos from last nights kiln opening. Snowman trays, platters, plates, mugs, and a pitcher from our Snoware™ collection. Been running around like crazy and forgetting to post all my kiln opening photos. Have more to post as I just opened up another kiln. I’ll try to keep up and post them soon.

Snoware plates and spoon rest in kiln

Whoops, forgot to post my latest kiln opening photos

I see from the date I’ve been slackin on posting some photos. Here’s a photo of the latest kiln opening. Some wacky and traditional style Snoware plates in this photo. I have a few more photos but I was messing around again with my camera settings (I just can’t help it ha) and they are […]

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