About us

About EYstudio… My name is Sloan, my Mom (Terry) and sister (Michele) are Expressly Yours.

You may be familiar with my moms and sisters initials (tt and myc) on the back of some of our Expressly Yours pieces one of a kind pieces.

We have several lines of dinnerware, ceramics and stoneware.

We have studio pieces we do here in Centennial, Colorado and stoneware that is our regular imported lines available soon in our online store.

We are coming right along with lots of studio items and 5 photo albums.

Please feel free to make comments on any post or email us with any questions or just to let us know what you think.

Quick mini facts

All of our ceramics, pottery and dinnerware is made of durable ceramic earthenware or stoneware food safe materials of the most stringent FDA standards. Each piece is handcrafted and hand painted.

You may wash your pieces in the dishwasher, some pieces with more fragile tips will do better hand-washed.

You may use your pieces in the microwave.

You may bake with your pieces in the oven also.

Please keep in mind that pieces should be pre-heated with the oven .

Do not place in a hot oven to start but do add a bit of extra baking time.

Do not shock your dishes, hot to cold or cold to hot.

For instance, do not place a very hot dish on a very cold counter (it is not meant to go from freezer to oven under any circumstance).