CHRISTMAS IN JULY . . . . (or not!?!)

I’ve promised Sloan – EYSTUDIO’s web master –  that I would contribute to this web site for a long time and for many reasons kept delaying and putting it off.  Then, all of a sudden (and I do mean sudden!) it is JULY. Half the year gone; we are closer to the winter season than not.  I realize it is rather difficult to think Winter or Christmas when it is 100 degrees out, but the leaves will soon fall and then the SNOW will fall before we all know it.

Hi . . . I’m Terry – “mom” and the “tt” of the tt/myc signatures on the back of all the Expressly Yours studio pieces.  My intention is to write a blurb here when I have a thought to share from our little family studio in Colorado where we create whimsical, one-of-a kind dinnerware.

So why the “or not” in the above title?  Because (1) sometimes that whole ‘Christmas in July’ idea can be overdone and, (2) Snowmen are not Christmas but WINTER!  Why is that important? because Snowmen have a much longer seasonal life.  No need to pack Snowmen up with the Santas and ornaments and all the other wonderful decor we deck our halls with in December. You get much more ‘bang for your buck’ all snowy season long so to speak!

Expressly Yours – EYSTUDIO – offers Snoware 12 months a year.  We want you to have the opportunity to budget for those pieces that are absolutely the most perfect gifts and also to continue to add (or perhaps start) your own collection throughout the year.   It is our most sincere wish that you will find what you need, yes! must have, from the EYSTUDIO Store . . . but, it you don’t? Please don’t be shy! Write to us and let us know know what you are looking for or perhaps what you might have missed out on. We love hearing from you.

I hope to drop in often with ideas of what to do with your Expressly Yours pieces now that you have them! May even toss in some recipes or decorating thoughts now and then.

Thanks so much for letting me be part of your day. Be back soon!  tt