The great writing or no writing debate.

Here at the studio we have a long standing debate. We have some that like writing on the snoware (snowman) dinnerware. Some like no writing. Some both. While we are not talking about a firm one way or another as we will always have both. We are however curious on your opinions, and what kinds of saying you may be interested in seeing also. To leave a comment click on comments in the gray box below or click on the titles. If you prefer you can also email us with your opinions or sayings you might like to see in the future.

9 responses to “The great writing or no writing debate.”

  1. For me it actually depends on the piece. I find myself drawn to the writing on the trays or plates more than the bowls or pedestals. I feel that is more of a personal choice since I think design wise they are equally attractive. I really enjoy the current sayings that you have – I think they are perfect!


  2. The writing makes the pieces unique and, I agree with Laurel, personal and so much fun. I have been collecting the pieces for 11 years and my collection just wouldn’t be or mean the same without the writing.


  3. As a newer collector (2 yrs), I really appreciate both. I am usually drawn to words or phrasing that are part of Christmas (like pieces of songs that you’ve been doing). They are ALL wonderfully whimsical though and I think you’re creating some really special pieces! I know I just feel happy when I see them… so, thanks!

  4. I have been collecting pieces for years now since I first saw the collection in Door County. They were square plates with writing and to this day I still they they are the most unique and special pieces. The sayings are great, the artwork is AMAZING! While I appreciate other pieces without the writing, the plates and platters are the best with the writing. Now I have to work on getting a personalized piece for my collection 🙂


  5. I have one without writing that I’ve had for years, and at the time there was one with writing I wanted. Sadly I don’t remember what exactly it said. I love them both. Some of my favorites are: You’re never fully dressed…., You are my sunshine……, cold hands warm heart, It’s the most wonderful time of the year or it’s the happiest time of the year, let it snow, and how sweet it is to be loved by you.

  6. I also like the sayings: Live, Love, Laugh and If I live to be 103 best friends we’ll always be.