S-44 Snowman Martini Bowl

Sw-40 snowman martini bowlSw-44 is a Martini Bowl. We used to call it a queenie Martini but it is so big I thought the title should be changed to Martini bowl as its plenty big enough for a actual bowl. (or a real big martini for a group of 5 hehe) Its 9″ tall and the top has a diameter of 9.5″. You might be thinking oh it’s only nine inches tall. So I took some extra photos (click here or on the photo to view them) of my big hand holding this up. It’s big. There are 3 snowmen (2 with black bow ties and one burgundy bow tie) on it and “there’s no business like snow business” on the outside of the bowl/martini. It is signed (tt and myc) expressly yours 2007. *Sold*