First look, a glance inside kiln.

opening kiln after final firingwell I thought I’d show you what came out of the glaze firing this morning when the kiln was cool enough to open. Of course we have a snoware item there but we also have the first glimpse of the “mad splatter” line. Couple of deep heart bowls, the huge martini bowl, and the weird and strange centerpiece bowl thingy. I’ve yet to come up with a clever name for that unique piece of art. We will have a complete post on it (top right with the hands holding up bowl) soon. It is always fun to get a glimpse of the kiln we we open up the final firing and thought we would share some of the first views with everyone. Feel free any time to post comments on this post or any post or item by clicking on comments (gray box below) or on the title of any post.

2 responses to “First look, a glance inside kiln.”

  1. I absolutely love the splatter line – I fell in love with the heart bowl with the pinks the minute I saw it! The “weird and strange bowl thingy” is fantastic!