New studio workshop coming soon

Got new (old fixer upper cabin) place for our studio however it’s in middle of nowhere with no cell phone reception and no internet (yet)

Currently working on water pipes and insulation as it’s very cold down there. according to the pipe repairs after tearing out some walls the pipes have burst at least 4 times from the below zero temps

Still in Colorado but 3.5 hours away down south near New Mexico and very snowy and cold so it’s coming along slowly till we get some warmer weather,

Found some more Snoware to post while moving stuff there.

Sorry for my terrible communication these last couple months it’s a bit warmer I’ll have internet . Found some more ceramics moving stuff down there that I’ll be posting soon. Got cell phone booster and snowtires and chains on my todo list


Expressly Yours is closing in July

While we clean and pack studio up mom (Terry Taylor – aka tt) is painting odds and ends we are finding.

We’ll also be doing two styles of round dinner plates during June

I’ve got lots of prototypes, seconds, retired stoneware and items from our personal archives that I’ll be posting.

If looking for something specific for collections let me (Sloan) know I just might have it/them/some

I’ve got a kiln I’m unloading also today and I have some Americana and snoware in there that I’ll be posting soon and I’ll start posting items from our Archives too.

It’s possible we’ll hook up kiln in mom’s basement like she started out over 25 years ago but we are all exhausted trying to keep it going.


Visit our store page if looking for items to buy

Our store page gets updated several times a week

New awesome Snowman and Fleur Di Lis pie plates in kiln


Well looks like I’ve been slacking posting so here’s some cute snoware shamrocks in kiln


Snowman plates, mugs, dinnerware, butter dishes, spoon rest, ornament, salt and peppers in todays kiln opening

snowman ceramics

Expressly Yours Snoware

Small snowman canisters from our Snoware collection

Our newer 10.5 inch medium round snowman dinner plates in kiln

Snowman plates

Snowman plates

Some of our newer 10.5″ medium snowman dinner plates in today’s kiln opening photo.

Kiln opening with Snoware dinnerware

snowman plates

Square snowman plates, egg plates and pedestal in kiln

Today’s kiln opening with the new smaller egg plates, some square plates and a cute ruffled pedestal

CHRISTMAS IN JULY . . . . (or not!?!)

I’ve promised Sloan – EYSTUDIO’s web master –  that I would contribute to this web site for a long time and for many reasons kept delaying and putting it off.  Then, all of a sudden (and I do mean sudden!) it is JULY. Half the year gone; we are closer to the winter season than not.  I realize it is rather difficult to think Winter or Christmas when it is 100 degrees out, but the leaves will soon fall and then the SNOW will fall before we all know it.

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New ceramic Americana margaritas

americana ceramicsSome cool new Americana margaritas we did for the 4th this year.

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